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Guiding you through the complexities of the system

Sweeping legislation and evolving regulations continually transform the healthcare system while creating a maze of unintelligible legalese. You need a dynamic attorney who understands your rights and responsibilities. The Law Office of Daniel R. Crumby, LLC doggedly pursues just legal resolutions for patients and medical professionals. Using my in-depth knowledge about insurance and government agencies, I can help you through the complexities of the healthcare system.

Protecting medical professionals by assisting with regulatory compliance

You studied medicine to help your patients, not to maneuver through bureaucratic red tape. In today’s environment of complex legislation and rampant lawsuits, an innocent mistake in your paperwork can cost you valuable time, professional credibility and possibly the license you worked so hard to earn. I can handle the complicated legal issues associated with healthcare regulation so you can concentrate on caring for your patients. I apply my in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system to ensure you remain in compliance with regulations and issues regarding:

  • PPACA — Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • HIPAA — Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • HITECH — Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Pharmaceuticals and prescriptions
  • Licensure and safety
  • Business and billing practices
  • Whistleblower statutes

Fighting for patients’ rights in the healthcare system

After years of paying expensive premiums to your insurance company, you may be denied essential medical services. If you are sick or hurt, you cannot afford to waste crucial time fighting your insurance company over your right to treatment. When an insurance company or medical professional violates your rights or impedes your rightful medical care, I am prepared to help. I can guide negotiations with insurance companies, medical professionals and government organizations toward just solutions. If litigation is the most appropriate means of resolving your dispute, I am prepared to protect your rights. I am ready to help you with legal issues involving:

  • Appeals of insurance decisions
  • Private insurance, including HMOs, PPOs and disability
  • Long-term and nursing-home care
  • Federal programs, including Medicaid and Medicare
  • Rights under laws, such as PPACA
  • Malpractice claims

Dedicated Georgia healthcare law firm

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